following images: installation view: Resources, 2016 Installation/Staging, 3 x 3 x 0,7 m, at the Diplomausstellung, Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


following images: Voice Of The Trees, 2016, print on alu dibond, headphones, audio 10:51 min


following images:  installation views: Meditation On The Economy, 2015, „Whatever man built could be taken apart, Image/ Order“, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden,

materials: PVC - banner, screen

video stills: Meditation On The Economy, 2:47 min


following images: : Eco Coin Ecotising, 2015, PVC - banner, wire, cardboard; Eco Coin Ecotising, 2015, print on textile, steel, paint, 90 x 240 x 90 cm; Eco Coin Proposal 4, 2015, pvc - banner, steel, digital print on cardboard;


following images: installation view: WEC - Whole Earth Catalyst, The Composing Rooms, Berlin  on view: 11th April - 8th August 2015

on the left: Unworking Animals, 2015, lasercut acrylic, printed PDF of text of „Unworking Animals“ of Timothy Morton, 40 x 40 x 15 cm

to the right: Subversive Eco Coin Proposal Banner No 3, 2015, PVC - banner, 140 x 35 x 1 cm



following images: installation view: After Wilderness, C. Rockefeller Center, Dresden, 2015

After Wilderness/ Eco Coin Proposal, 2015, PVC banner, textile banner, wood, steel; Proposal For A Synthetic Leaf, 2015, laser cut acrylic glass, sponge mesh, mixed paste, grass plants, earth, acrylic glass pots; Green-En, 2015, grass, USB – survival lamps, ventilator, plastic boxes, soil, digital print, lighting; Cambrian Genomics Mood Board, 2015, textile print, PVC - banner, steel, laboratory glass, soil


following images: Green - En, 2015, plastic boxes, USB - survival lamps, USB - ventilator, soil, grass, weatherproof poster


following images: stills of Subversive Eco Coin Proposal, 2014 video, 2 min 50 sec, 16:9


following images: Mining Territory, 2014, PVC - banner, acryl paste, cardboard, plastic flowers, stickers



Nuggets, Better Than, room shave, Cooper, room dialogue metals, Resources - by Robert Vanis (c)

Voice Of The Trees, Meditation On The Economy, all imahes of exhibition After Wilderness, Green-En, stills of Subversive Eco Coin Proposal, Mining Territory - by Ella Goerner

Unworking Animals, Subversive Eco Coin Proposal Banner No 3 - courtesy The Composing Rooms, Ella Goerner