Given the recent surge in climate change deniers and governments who are choosing to dismantle

existing policies that aim to reduce carbon emissions - instead to concentrate resources purely on

creating more jobs and increasing economic possibilities, Ella Goerner's art couldn't be any more

timely, poignant or relevant.


In part, due to her intensive and prolonged study into various mediation practices, this multi-media

artist has a sensitivity toward, and an acute awareness of the current state of our physical, social,

technological and economic worlds.


But that is not the only thing that feeds her artistic quest. Being born in one of the most idyllic areas

of Europe (Saxon Switzerland National Park) Ella understands what a weighted relationship with

the natural world looks like, and when that balance is upset, the importance of exploring alternative

options to rectify it.


Right from her first solo show Sustainability & Opportunities, through to her project The Subversive

Eco Coin Proposal, Ella has been critiquing our reliance on the current corporate structure and the

world's obsession with production and consumption. She uses the gallery space as a kind of

boardroom to present systems other than our current progress-obsessed, profit-based option.


With her hypothetical business proposals, newly invented eco-products, 'green' brand banners (in

her show After Wilderness) and corporate identities concerned first and foremost with

sustainability, she offers a convincing alternative reality.


This other world that we encounter is made even more convincing with the colourful, hypnotic

digital paintings that Ella collages together. Set in a place that looks as if it is dissolving and

eroding right before our eyes, her jpegs are a glimpse of a future that could be ours, if the global

community (especially the economical one) continues to ignore, or downplay the catastrophic

consequences we would face as a result of global warming and raising sea levels.


She collects motifs and icons that represent our natural world and combines them with suggestions

of architectural spaces. Think vibrant flowers, Earth globes and pieces of minerals suspended in

rooms that bleed and decay into outer space (see room shave and Nuggets).


These images of fragmented objects and items refuse to be anchored in the real world. As digital

representations of something physical, they float somewhere in between the ideas of themselves

and their actuality - much like the series of stagings, or installations that Ella displays alongside

with them.


Presented on platforms, these collections of various items (dubbed Resources) act as forgotten

artefacts; objects of exploitation, or memories from different encounters between man and nature.

Perfect roses plucked from the garden of mother nature bundled under hard helmets, recalling a

time of violence. Coloured bits of metal framework and coiled bundles of ropes – these are all

things that are judged as waste, or non-valuable.


So not only do we see these physical objects of the stagings erode into virtual versions of

themselves, but also our very notions of nature, reality and the human-made world start to fall

away. Working with both two dimensional and three dimensional forms, she flits between a digital

and a physical existence, mirroring what most of today's society does unconsciously - jumping

between real-life conversations and an online presence.


It hasn't been more obvious than right now that we need to redefine our relationship with nature

and with technology. And in particular, be more invested in finding and embracing a new, ecofriendly

and non-destructive economy. By transforming the virtual world into the physical (and vice versa),

Ella forces us to question what is natural, what arti ficiality looks like; what is real and what is unreal.


Her work paints a picture of a world where ecology and economy dance gracefully together in a

perfect symbiosis.



text by Genista Jurgens




E = in English, G = in German/ in Deutsch


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